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  1. 1 November 2018

    Amarok V6: Too Powerful for TV

    The 580Nm Amarok V6 might be too powerful for us to advertise, but it’s not too powerful for you to test drive.

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  2. 26 October 2018

    Bet and Breakfast

    TV and radio star, actress and Volkswagen podcaster, Heather Maltman, borrows a turmeric yellow Arteon from our Travel Blog editor for a weekend getaway to mark the one-year anniversary with her partner.

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  3. 20 October 2018

    Castlemaine Delights In Central Victoria

    Travel and lifestyle writer, Georgia Hopkins, meanders through the spectacular Castlemaine region in a ruby red Arteon.

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  4. 15 October 2018

    Bathurst National Motor Racing Museum

    While in Bathurst, Brent Davison takes us through the exhibits at the National Motor Racing Museum.

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  5. 1 October 2018

    Volkswagen Apprentices Build 360kW Art Car

    Introducing the ART3on: our apprentice-built, 360kW Arteon Art Car.

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  6. 5 September 2018

    Challenge Accepted: Volkswagen Apprentices Build High-Performance Arteon Art Car

    Volkswagen’s Apprentice Challenge returns with a new group of future master technicians and mentors.

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  7. 2 September 2018

    Volkswagen Guest Travel Blogger: Byron’s Splendour in the Grass

    As a guest of Volkswagen, travel blogger Stephanie Williams checks out Byron Bay’s Splendour In the Grass music festival.

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  8. 1 September 2018

    The Peoples Car

    Volkswagen - #morethanacar

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  9. 24 August 2018

    Tathra Rebuilds

    Tim Robson borrows a Multivan Kombi 70 Years and returns to one of his favourite places in the world after it was devastated of bushfires just three months prior.

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  10. 18 August 2018

    A weekend On The Edge Of The Otways

    Georgia Hopkins takes an Amarok on a whistle-stop tour of Victoria’s Instagramable Otway Ranges.

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